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You Build You

Choose your You Build You tool

You Build You Entry Coaching Program (for individuals)

This You Build You program consists of two one hour long, one on one coaching sessions per month. You will be coached through the step by step You Build You methodology, designed to 1. make you a master in the area you want, based on human behaviour and mental health, and 2. be easy for everyone to understand. This will be applied specifically to your goals. You will be given actions to take to ensure you definitely achieve those goals, whether they are work, relationship or mental health goals. This program is valued at £1,500 GBP per month. 

You Build You Advanced Coaching Program (for individuals)

The You Build You Advanced Program gives you access to two 90 minute sessions per month, as well as access to ongoing written communication to continue with your progress outside the sessions. Ensuring you reach your goals quicker. This program is valued at  £3,000 GBP per month. 



You Build You Elite Coaching Program (for individuals)

The You Build You Elite Program consists of one on one coaching sessions, 1-2 hours long (depending on your needs), four times a month. As well as daily access to written communication to give you all the assistance you want, and to hold you accountable to ensure you are getting the results you want. This program is valued at £4,000-8,000 GBP per month, relative to spending between 4-8 hours in sessions.


Packages for organisations

Because of the subjective nature of our work with organisations and businesses, packages for such are structured on a case by case basis. This is in accordance with what is best suited to the organisation in question. 

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