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Welcome to You Build You

I believe there is a lesson in absolutely everything we see, do, say, hear, read, learn about and experience.

I always observe and analyse all these experiences, so I see the lessons, and understand how they affect human behaviour. Most importantly, I practise what I learn. I listen and observe first. Always. This way I can understand more. I use this information to help people get what they want. I use this information to look at things from their point of view. All to find the ways to achieve the goals specific to them. 

We are all truly capable of achieving anything we desire. If we just have the commitment to do so. I created You Build You so that, 1. we can all realise this and, 2. we have the playbook to do it.

You Build You is the result of every lesson I have ever known. 

I believe that mental health is something which can always benefit all of us. However successful or unsuccessful, by conventional means, any of us might be, we can all always still improve in the area of mental health. Because it's an ongoing process, always with room to improve, with no real end. If we achieve a great mental health, or achieve a big goal, that doesn’t mean we have it forever. We have to keep working on it to at least maintain it. In the same way that if we reach our target body weight, we don’t have it forever, we have to keep working to maintain it and we definitely have to keep working to improve it. We work with people who are already immensely successful, and they want to reach higher heights, or they want to achieve in a new area, maybe an area they neglected in pursuit of their success. And we work with people on their way to being successful, maybe they have big goals, or they have a difficulty to overcome, like a sense of identity, or self-esteem. We exist for people who have an issue they would like to overcome or a goal they want to achieve, and we exist for people who, generally, just need a little help. Like, we believe, we all do, in some way, in some area of our lives, at some point. It’s inevitable, as we have all experienced, from time to time. 

We can all achieve and overcome what we face, that’s our belief. We all have that capability. And it is heartbreaking to think that some people don’t yet believe this, and because of that they don’t live the life they want to live. We want to help them have that life they want to live. We believe mental health is the key to doing so, and that is precisely why our person to person mental health and performance coaching business exists. We help people do that. We work with people to achieve and overcome all manner of obstacles, challenges and goals. Whatever it is that you want to achieve or overcome, we will have successfully served clients who wanted the same. 

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