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Non-exhaustive examples of client goals we help them accomplish and/or overcome

  • individuals struggling with identity;

  • entrepreneurs aiming to 10x their business; 

  • clients aiming to improve their family relationships;

  • clients aiming to manage a bereavement;

  • corporate clients aiming for promotions;

  • government ministers aiming to improve their nation; 

  • spouses aiming to improve or repair their relationships;

  • corporate clients aiming to take their company public; 

  • parents aiming to improve relationships with their children; 

  • clients aiming to get over a break up;

  • clients aiming to overcome, for example, addictions, depression, stress, being overwhelmed or anxiety; 

  • clients who want to be a better version of themselves;

  • clients aiming to improve their leadership and public speaking skills; 

  • athletes aiming to win a championship; 

  • clients aiming to improve characteristics like confidence or communication; 

  • actresses and actors aiming to 10x their careers; 

  • clients aiming for their ideal body weight;

  • clients aiming to overcome their fears;

  • clients aiming to get out of debt; 

  • clients aiming to forgive themselves; 

  • prisoners aiming to rehabilitate their lives; 

  • ambitious politicians aiming for high office; 

  • clients aiming for financial stability and freedom; and

  • clients aiming to improve their mindset.

Fundamentally, it all comes down to mental health.

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